Chef Tee's Recipe for Success Workbook

A Recipe for a Successful Reentry

This is the workbook that ties in with the book. Here, you’ll find the methodology and theory for a successful re-entry. Use this to work your own thoughts out on paper and document your journey. By documenting, you’ll get a sense of ownership or responsibility for your success.

Recipe for Success

Chef Tee's Journey from Prison to the Kitchen
When the prison doors opened for Terrance Wallace, he was ready to leave behind a life of crime for a better path. Now, he wants to help you do that as well.
Terrance “Chef Tee” Wallace, sentenced for up to 10 years for drug dealing and armed robbery, took control of his life and turned it around. Taking an opportunity of learning to cook while he was serving time, he worked with his mentors to educate himself and ended up becoming a success story that many can emulate and model from. Here is his story, rising from the lows of poverty, misdirection, drugs, and jail to the highs of celebrity cooking and international travel. And now he has opened up an avenue of opportunity for others in similar situations through his non-profit, the Turn Around Place. If you have the drive, if you have the will to turn yourself around, he will help you!