Business Bootcamp and Peer support recovery

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Business bootcamp

Entrepreneurship is a viable option for some TAP participants.  Some TAP participants have acquired very valuable and marketable trades and skill sets. TAP recommends that participants who want to work to secure employment in which they use their trades and skills, find a working-learning environment in which they can gain further knowledge through mentorship, coaching, and on the job training.  TAP has coaches with business knowledge and expertise who assist participants in exploring entrepreneurship on various levels which are as follows: 

  • Introduction to business
  • Planning for your business
  • Launching your business
  • Sustaining and building your business

Certified Peer Support Recovery specialist

TAP does not offer certification of being a peer support recovery specialist. Individuals may attend sessions  of this training through educators/providers approved by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Office of Recovery Services.

The training is comprehensive and focus on honing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of CPRS candidates in the following Virginia Core Competencies:

  • Current Body of MH/SUD Knowledge
  • Recovery Process – Promoting Services, Supports, and Strategies
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Values for Role of Peer Recovery Specialist
  • Basic Principles Related to Health and Wellness
  • Stage Appropriate Pathways in Recovery Support
  • Ethics & Boundaries
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Practice
  • Trauma and Impact on Recovery
  • Community Resources
  • Delivering Peer Services within Agencies and Organizations

Upon completion of the training and any other requirements set forth by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Office of Recovery Services, candidates will take the state examination which will consists of the following four domains:

  • Domain 1: Advocacy
  • Domain 2: Ethical Responsibility
  • Domain 3: Mentoring and Education
  • Domain 4: Recovery/Wellness Support

Certified Peer Support Recovery

The Turn Around Place will provide in-program support for individuals who are seeking support in their recovery from substance abuse. The program’s founder, Terrelyn “Chef Tee”  Wallace, will serve as a CPRS, in addition, TAP will select other participants who have earned their certification through the Virginia state examination to serve as CPRS for their peers.

As defined by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Office of Recovery Services,  the following definitions provide definitions for the terms, “peer” and “Peer Recovery Specialist”.

“A peer is defined as a person in recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorder or, in the case of family peer support, a family member of a person living with a behavioral health condition.”

“Peer Recovery Specialists are individuals that use their lived experience to assist others in seeking knowledge and experience of recovery.”