General Education

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Education is a key component in creating a firm foundation for success.

High School Equivalency Testing (also known as General Education Development)

If an individual comes to TAP and does not have a high school diploma or a GED, TAP offers courses that prepares participants to take and pass the High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing. Prior to 2014, this test was referred to as the General Education Development (GED) and in some states it is still referred to as such; however, in the state of Virginia, as of 2014, the test is referred to as the High School (HSE) Testing.  For the clarity, the test will be referred to as HSE.  The test has four parts that participants must pass in order to earn their HSE which are as follows: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.  In preparing for the HSE (GED) tests, participants improve their abilities in Writing, Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Computations, and broaden their knowledge of Science and Social Studies. With a stronger skill set and broader knowledge base, participants are able to use these transferable skills and this knowledge to pursue further opportunities on their turnaround (TAP) journey.  The HSE (GED) is important and a key component to individuals striving to improve their future because the HSE (GED) is often a requirement for employment , trade schools, and colleges. 

Assistance with Applications and Resume Services

Prior to getting invited to a company for an interview, an individual who is seeking employment  must first gain the company’s attention. Applications, cover letters, and resumes are “the first impression” that a person makes. The Turn Around Place has a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to assisting individuals in completing applications, writing cover letters, and creating resumes that highlight the individual’s strengths and ensuring that these documents also correlate to what each company is seeking.  The overall goal of this service is to assist TAP participants in getting through the door and invited to an interview.

Writing Services

As participants in TAP enter or re-enter the workplace and the community, they may need assistance with creating effective formal correspondence. If participants need assistance in editing or writing these correspondences, assistance is available. Further, there is also guidance on the best method of delivery for these correspondences.

Notary Services

TAP will have a list of several notary publics if TAP participants need documents notarized.

Driver’s Education and Driving Improvement Courses

One of the goals of TAP is to assist participants in becoming independent. In some areas, public transportation is comprehensive; however, in some areas, public transportation routes do not cover all areas of which there could be possible job opportunities.  TAP offers general driver’s education courses in driver safety and instruction and offers court mandated driver improvement courses.

Interview Coaching/Public Speaking

After securing an interview (getting an invitation), the goal is to secure the position (the job) or the opportunity.  Many of the individuals who TAP serves may need coaching in interviewing and public speaking.  Many of the individuals who TAP seeks to assist have been out of the employment sector for some period of time due to various reasons.  Whatever the situation, TAP will offer sessions in which interviewees will be asked commonly asked interview questions, review interview etiquette, offer tips on the key things to know as they are preparing for interviews, and awareness of both verbal and nonverbal communication, etc. Through these sessions, TAP participants have an opportunity to critique themselves, get constructive feedback, and tips on the interviewing process. TAP participants will also receive assistance with securing and/or selecting attire for interviews if needed.

CPR/First Aid Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aide Training is required by many employers and most employers would prefer that you have this training; however, a large number of employers require their candidates for employment secure this certification prior to employment and/or as a condition of employment.  TAP provides and strongly encourages its participants to acquire lifesaving skills that are valuable.